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Axiel Gaming
Axiel Gaming are the official VTC for TruckSimFM, and regularly help us out with our events, find out more about them below.
Custom ETS2 & ATS Mods
Here at Axiel we know that sometimes, using base game trailers gets boring. That is why we have our own, custom mods that are published on the steam workshop so you can truck with us while showing off our amazing brand.
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Regular & Active Convoys
Every week our dedicated operations team plan, organise and run convoys taking scenic, challenging and jaw dropping routes. With a convoy on a Wednesday and Saturday you have two chances to join in with the fun.
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More about Axiel

Axiel Haulage is part of the Axiel Gaming community where the everything is based around what the members want. There are many divisions within the community however the largest is the Virtual Trucking Company (VTC). This is the official VTC of TruckSimFM providing a fun, friendly and relaxed place for everyone to make new friends and drive having the ultimate fun. We are proud to drive with our iconic paint scheme and colours which make us stand our from the croud!

We are proud to be TruckSimFM's Official VTC! ❤

How to apply

Applying is very easy! First, head over to our website and fill out the quick application form. This will then be sent straight to our recruitment team who will aim to process the application in 24 - 48 hours. Yeah, that quick! Once they've reviewed the application you will then be emailed and if sucessful you will be setup with the relevant job logging software. No driving tests are needed to join, thats a feature for gaining higher driving roles within the VTC.

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