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TruckSimFM ยป About Us

About TruckSimFM!

TruckSimFM is an Online based Radio Station aimed at Gamers & Truckers on either Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator and soon to be Alaskan Truck Simulator, which is yet to be released on Steam by the Discovery team. Although is expected during the first quarter of 2019
You may remember Euro Truck Radio, this is the station that TruckSimFM used to be, before we re-branded in November of 2018.

With the re-brand taking place, we took the opportunity to make some additional changes to our Moderation Team and Administration Team, completely removing the "Station Management" role, as it was essentially the same as what an Administrator would do.
The new administration team consisted of Ajax, TruckerTom, Pixie, Inclusive & Mark, all of which had somewhat of an Administration role within Euro Truck Radio, whether it be Station Management or a Development role.

What changes were made to the website?

Various different changes were made to the website, all of which benefit the community, we're still implementing various different components to the website, so you may see some new updated content as time goes by!
The Development team (Inclusive & Mark) have been working timeless amounts of hours to ensure that the website is up to the standard that we expect at TruckSimFM, which also means that they've both single handedly re-coded our Staff Portal making the experience for staff even better too.

I'm interested in applying, how do I do this?

Everything you need to know, regarding applying for a position at TruckSimFM can be found on the Job Application section on the "About Us" dropdown on the navigation bar, or you can alternatively click here to be taken to the page, but please note we have some strict rules regarding applications, so please read them thoroughly!