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TMP ETS2 1.38 Support TruckerTom
The News Many Have Been Waiting For!

For The past 2 months the avid community have been patiently anticipating the support of the latest version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator. Now the update has finally dropped, what changes can we expect?

Support for;
> Euro Truck Simulator 2 (
> American Truck Simulator (
> Idaho DLC (For ATS)
> World of Trucks Idaho event paint jobs

So what changes does 1.38 actually bring forward?
Changes to the French city of Lille which has received a reskin, changes in junctions, a more accurate road layout to replicate the real life thing. Better road signage and more accurate realistic, and detailed textures, along with new buildings and assets.

In addition to map changes the long awaited colour picker via RBGA, HSV & HEX codes has been added, something the TMP community have been requesting over the years. Now all you VTC’s can get the exact colour match on your truck skins, for them all important pictures.

There have also been changes made to the GPS Route Advisor, which now features a cleaner and more modern-looking UI allowing for a larger on-screen map view. You will now also be able to see useful information including the next checkpoint markers distance, and their estimated time of arrival through their GPS and world map.

There have also been 2 small updates to the DAF XF and Volvo FH tuning packs with some small fixes to painted parts, led lights, bumpers and fenders. In addition to these changes there has also been the introduction of air horn slots on the top of all trucks. This means you no longer have to add roof bars to be able to add your favourite air horns. You can now directly place them onto the roof of the truck and horn at them AI cars when they pull out on you.

For a full list of changes and updates to ETS2 & ATS see SCS Blog

Information Sources: SCS Blog, TMP Blog & Forum
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