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Exciting News!!

So lately you will have noticed that we are adding some new departments & suggestions the public/presenters have been wanting to here we go.....

We have added a Social Media Team they will be advertising the station and shows live on multiple different platforms Facebook, X, Twitch etc etc.

We have added a Merch Store This was requested by presenters & places, so guess what ....... Here it is

Visit Merch Shop

all There is a redeemable 15% of the store for the next 14 days HAVE FUN

We are working hard in the background to move the station to better/higher places, so should you have any ideas pop across to our discord - http://discord.trucksim.fm/ #suggestions and we will see if it's viable to include to the station.

On behalf of the Presenters & Management, we thank you for your ongoing support to the station and hope to chat to you all soon!! ..

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