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◉ TruckSim.FM - Monthly Convoy ◉

This convoy is for anyone to join will full media coverage & convoy control provided by the official VTC - Axiel Haulage! Please ensure you listen to the event staff and follow instructions. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Event Rules

● No overtaking
● No ramming
● No CB Radio or Chat abuse
● No advertising
● Allow all event staff, CC & Media to overtake
● Keep at least 1-2 truck distance from the vehicle in front
● Set the route in case you get lost
● If you struggle with FPS issues, stay at the back of the convoy

Event Information

Date of Event: 29th Feb 2020
Start Time: 7PM GMT
Start Location: Hamburg (San-Builders)
End Location: Salzburg
Server: EU#2
Lead Truck: Ajax