TruckSimFM ยป Terms and Conditions

Legal Information

By using TruckSimFM's website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions provided on this page.

Terms Of Staff Application

The Terms and Conditions for applying to TruckSimFM are hereby stated below:
- Applicants must be aged 16 or above.
- Applicants should provide their true age or risk being removed from the team without notice.
- Applicants must have a good quality Microphone for broadcasting.
- Microphone editing software should not be used during the application.
- Applicants should provide a good range of their own music to broadcast.
- Applicants must have a reasonable Upload Speed to their ISP.
- Applicants should provide their true upload speed, that is required to be above 3mbps. - If approved you must adhear to 2hours of air time per week.
- Applicants must remain professional on air.
- Songs played on your application should be clean from profanity.
- Applicants will be placed on a Ten Day probationary period, as to which they must earn their place on the team permimently.

Terms and Conditions of use

The Terms and Conditions of use of TruckSimFM are hereby stated below:
- TruckSim.Fm "TSFM" is a not-for-profit online radio station for the ETS2 & ATS Simulation games by SCS Software - Third parties should not profit or attempt to profit off the back of TruckSim.Fm - TruckSimFM is a free to use radio station and all assets are owned by the community administrators. - Use of our logo and branding on third party applications are prohibited please Contact us. - Radio servers should not be attempted to be accessed, placed under "attack" or DDOS.
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