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TruckSimFM ยป Changelogs

TruckSimFM Changelogs

  • Updates to the terms and conditions of presenter applications & general terms of station use.

    Posted by TruckerTom | 29/12/2019

  • Website Theme changes, it's much rounder than I thought....

    Posted by Mark | 04/06/2019

  • Minor edits to the profile page(s)

    Posted by Mark | 17/04/2019

  • Users can now click on the scheduled presenter's name on the homepage to be linked to their profiles.

    Posted by Mark | 17/04/2019

  • Work has been in place, to implement a Theme Changer on our Staff Portal, that changes the theme for the website, this is now in place, and can be changed by our Developers.

    Posted by Mark | 15/04/2019

  • Welcome to TruckSimFM, and welcome to our re-vamped website!

    Posted by Mark | 01/12/2018